Godavari, a 2006 Telugu romantic comedy-drama film directed and produced by Sekhar Kammula and G. V. G. Raju, earned critical and commercial success at the box office, garnering numerous Nandi and Filmfare awards as well. K. M. Radha Krishnan provided music for this masterpiece; its protagonists share similar names to that of Godavari River cruise boats! Godavari was later dubbed into Hindi with its sequel Jheel Se Gehra Pyar, which performed average but saw considerable success upon its release; to both audiences in India and America! Here at the news website, we strive to deliver accurate and informative content so you may make informed decisions when making your decisions regarding movies such as Godavari!


Godavari is a film about Sreeram and Seetha, who unite on a river cruise from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam that connects them both. Set against the picturesque background of the Godavari River aboard its cruise boat named “Godavari”, this love story plays out over three days on board an actual “Godavari”.

Sreeram (Sumanth Kumar Yarlagadda), also known as Ram, is an MS graduate in engineering from the United States who returns to India with aspirations to serve his people by entering politics. In love with his cousin Raaji (Nitu Chandra), Ram seeks her hand in marriage; however, Raaji’s father considers Ram’s romantic nature and modest financial standing unsuitable and does not wish for Raaji to marry Ram.

Seetha (Kamalinee Mukherjee) is an independent fashion designer who runs an unprofitable clothing boutique store. However, her parents are less enthusiastic about this venture and want her to get married instead; Seetha initially resists their idea but eventually relents as circumstances force her into reluctantly agreeing with them; unfortunately, the marriage doesn’t work out because the groom’s family views her as too progressive and fast; thus making Seetha angry enough that she takes off on the Godavari river cruise to regroup before heading back home again.

Raaji accepts an engagement proposal from Ravi (Kamal Kamaraju), an unrepentant IPS officer whom her father approves of, although her feelings for Ram remain uncertain. Determined to prove himself worthy in front of Raaji’s father and win her hand back, Ram embarks on a Godavari river cruise bound for Bhadrachalam, where Raaji will marry Ravi instead. This boat ride marks where Ram first encounters Seetha for the first time.

A poor kid selling balloons to make ends meet, Chinna finds his balloons cut by an individual wearing a red shirt, prompting him to jump onto the river cruise to recoup his money for them. Meanwhile, Kotigadu, the dog, being constantly harassed by other canines, decides to move from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam, hoping for better conditions there; eventually, Chinna befriends Ram and confides in all his suffering to him.

Ram and Seeta meet as she tentatively walks up a ramp leading to their boat. Ram recognizes her difficulty, picking her up unexpectedly and carrying her onto it in his arms – much to Seeta’s discontent; Ram feels as if he did her a favour; Seeta takes exception, demanding that Ram apologizes for touching her without permission – to which Ram reluctantly agrees; eventually they both officially introduce themselves and become friends.

Seeta begins writing in her diary to chronicle her trip memories, especially those with Ram. She attempts to seduce him romantically multiple times before their boat captain organizes a treasure hunt, and they join together. Seeta attempts throughout the event to discover whether Ram has feelings for her, but she fails miserably. Just before they can win the treasure hunt, Seeta suggests to Ram that Chinna (a boy on board the boat with Kotigadu as a companion) be allowed to win because he needs financial aid. Ram readily agrees, further earning her admiration. Following the treasure hunt, Chinna finds out that Ravi – his target during the boat cruise that led him astray and ultimately destroyed their business – was none other than Raaji’s fiance Ravi; she initially tries to teach Ravi a lesson but eventually moves on because following Ravi led them on an unforgettable cruise trip that earned them Rs 50000 prize in return.

Raaji and Ravi, who are on the same team together, become lost during a treasure hunt when Raaji misguides him accidentally, leading him to anger. Raaji becomes aware of Ravi’s overbearing nature and starts questioning their impending marriage proposal. Confused, Seeta turns to Ram for help instead. Ram promises to meet her at an exact location and time and sends them the details on paper, which eventually falls into Seeta’s hands. In order to keep Seeta from reading it, Chinna swallows it without her knowledge to protect her feelings for Ram. Therefore, Raaji never receives it, and her meeting plan with Ram fails. Eventually, Raaji confides her plans of eloping to Seeta, who hears this and believes it may still love Raaji as Seeta thinks Ram has feelings for Raaji instead. Seeing this, Seeta leaves the boat cruise without telling anyone. She leaves quietly without telling Raaji of her intentions of sticking with her initial marriage plan of marrying Ravi, who decides against this plan in favour of Ravi being more loyal and faithful than before.

Feeling confused about why Seeta left, Ram begins to miss her. By chance, he comes across her diary, which was accidentally left behind, and begins reading it; after discovering Seeta’s feelings for him, he visits Hyderabad hoping for reconciliation; upon much convincing, she agrees to take a walk with him, where suddenly Ram proposes marriage! To her shock and amazement, this plan had nothing to do with Raaji; rather, all his intentions had always been for Seeta alone, and that blank piece of paper given was just an act; upon hearing this news, she becomes happy once more and agrees to marry Ram!


CharacterCharacter Name
SumanthSreeram “Ram”
Kamalinee MukherjeeSeetha Mahalakshmi “Seetha” (Voice by Sunitha)
Neetu ChandraRajeswari “Raji”
C. V. L. Narasimha RaoSeetha’s father
Lalitha SindhuriMadhu, Seetha’s sister
MadhumaniSeetha’s mother
Kamal KamarajuRavinder IPS “Ravi”
Tanikella BharaniCaptain Chintamani
Karate KalyaniPullamma
Shekhar Kammulaprovided voice for Kotigadu, the stray dog


K. M. Radha Krishnan composed the soundtrack and score for the film, while the talented Sunitha Upadrashta won a Nandi Award for Best Female Playback Singer for her rendition of “Andamgalena.” “Manasa Vaacha,” sung by K.S. Chithra and P. Unnikrishnan, was also recognized at the Filmfare Awards South in the Best Female Playback Singer category. Veturi penned all of the lyrics for the songs.

1.“Uppongele Godavari”S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
2.“Andamgalena”Sunitha Upadrashta
3.“Manasa Gelupu”Shankar Mahadevan, K. S. Chithra and K. M. Radha Krishnan
4.“Tippulu Tappulu”Shreya Ghoshal
5.“Manasa Vaacha”K. S. Chitra, P. Unnikrishnan
6.“Raama Chakkani”Gayathri

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