• A great aid for every first Physics course
  • Ideal for test preparation
  • Covers the most important problems you’ll encounter

How to Use This Book
This book will teach you how to do physics problems. The explanation of not only how to do a problem but why we do it a certain way teaches you not just a collection of solved problems, but a collection of methods that
can be used, modified and built upon to do other physics problems. As researchers and teachers, we know that the key to solving new and challenging problems is contained within the collection of techniques already learned for solving simpler problems. Seeing a problem solved and knowing why it was done in a certain manner is the best way to learn how to solve related, more difficult problems.
This book is not a presentation of every problem you are going to encounter on a test. It is a presentation of the methods that we have found to work for large groups of problems. If you develop the techniques we describe
for solving problems then you will know how to successfully attack the problems you will encounter on the tests. This is the book you should have as a reference when you are doing your homework problems. It will
show you how to work the problems and explain why they are being done the way they are.
The topics in this book are in the order of most physics texts. Each chapter begins with a theoretical discussion. Problems are mixed in with the discussion as soon as possible. These problems follow the development of the theory. In this way, you do not have to assimilate a large amount of conceptual material before beginning to work problems..


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