Homework is the bane of every child’s existence. But, it’s important to avoid an ongoing power struggle with your kids about how much homework they can do on their own without your help. Homework doesn’t always have to be bad! There are ways you can actually help your kids with their homework assignments that will make them feel like they accomplished something and give you the opportunity to show off your knowledge. Here are some helpful tips for helping your child with homework assignments.

Talk to your child about their homework

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to talk to them about their homework. Ask them what they are doing and why, instead of just telling them what they need to do. Not only does this encourage better communication between you and your child, but it also encourages understanding on your child’s part.

Create a homework plan

A good homework plan is one of the most effective ways to help your child with their assignments. Having a homework plan will ensure that your child knows what they need to do and when. Depending on the grade level, you’ll want to create a plan for homework assignments. For example, if it’s a high school student, they may be assigned 10 hours of work each week. But for elementary school kids, they may just have one hour of work per day or per week. Regardless of the grade level, it’s important that the child knows what the expectations are and how much work is involved.

Follow through on your homework plan

It’s important to follow through on your homework plan. If you tell your kids that they can do their homework without any help, but then you keep butting in to answer the questions for them, they will lose interest in completing their work. The lesson is clear: if you want to help your child with their assignments, make sure to let them do most of it on their own first.

What to do when your child needs more help

There are a number of reasons why your child might need more help on their homework assignments. Maybe they have a disability that affects their abilities in school, or maybe they’re struggling in a particular subject. Whatever the reason, there are some steps you can take to help your child with their homework assignments without doing it for them.

1) Approach the teacher: Your first step is to speak with the teacher about your concerns. You should speak with them during either parent-teacher conference day or another time where you’ve been invited to speak privately with the teacher.

2) Ask for extra work: If the teacher agrees to provide more work for your child, you should ask for specific instructions and deadlines so that you can follow through with them at home.

3) Provide one-on-one help: If there isn’t any extra work available from the teacher, you can provide one-on-one help after school hours. This way, you’re only sacrificing an hour of your time rather than your entire evening. By providing this additional support, it will make it easier for your child to complete their assignments on their own eventually.

Offer to help with understanding the assignment

If your child is struggling with understanding the assignment, offer to help them understand it. It’s not always easy for kids to grasp concepts when they are explained in a different way or put into different words. Ask your child if they need help organizing their thoughts. If you notice your child doesn’t have anything written down, ask them questions to get them started.

Offer to help with writing the assignment

One of the most helpful ways to help your homework assignments that your child is struggling with in the writing department is to offer to help them write it. You can do this by paraphrasing what they said or summarizing what you think they were trying to say. If you find yourself struggling, talk to them about it and ask for their help in putting together a sentence or two.


Taking time to help your child with their homework assignments can help them succeed in school and in life. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to find the time, but it’s worth it.

Homework time should be an opportunity to teach your child how to take the initiative and be a self-starter. The next time your child gets a homework assignment, try this step-by-step plan and see if it helps.

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