Hello aspirants, if you too want to become a JEE aspirant or want to start JEE from a very early stage then here it is. But if you are already enrolled in any IIT JEE coaching then don’t follow this post. Now all students can’t handle the pressure so I am suggesting a few tips but leave your preparation for JEE if my suggested tips don’t work for at least 3 weeks else you will end up doing bad marks or percentage in Class X Boards SO IT’S BETTER to BE CAUTIONED.

How to start (INITIALLY)?

Now there are a few things only which can only be studied in Xth which is Basic Courses and Bridge Course which is taught in early days of class 11 so it’s good that if you complete it in class Xth. So here are a few topics which you can study easily in class Xth


Basic Physics which includes [Unit, Dimension and Measurement, Vector Basics and Basics of Set Relation and Function]


Basic Math's which includes [Graphs , Plotting of Graphs, Quadratic equation, Full Trigonometry (Trigonometry Ratios & Identities, Compound Angles, Trigonometry Equation) ]


Basic Chemistry which includes [Full mole concept with Molarity, Molality, Formally, etc., Atomic Structure, Periodic Properties]

How to check if you can carry on with JEE preparation and BOARDS CLASS X?

✪ First of all, give at least 2 hours daily for 1 week then start practicing for the 8th day if you can’t solve 5 out of 10 questions then immediately leave and start preparing for Xth Boards. Don’t panic if you can’t do so because a lot of students cant so don’t lose hope and study for Xth BOARDS. Moreover, if you have an overview view then class X BOARD just asks easy and basic or conceptual questions in the BOARD exam instead of tricky questions (except Maths Standard level ).

What’s next if you succeeded in the previous point?

✪ Continue this studying pattern at least 2 hours daily with a proper timetable which I will upload in the next post. If you’re a Pressure Handler then you should continue this till the end of November and start preparing for Pre-Boards class Xth


Now if you have aced it, then you will have a good start in class 11 then you can have a lead in comparison with other students and can finally end up your Portion fast and starts giving MOCK TEST & PYQs

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Written and edited by – Kshitiz E-mail (yokkharsh12@gmail.com)