Now Download fully revised Edition 2018 Integral Calculus by Amit M. Agarwal (Arihant)

A Summary of changes that have been made in Revised & Enlarged Edition
• The theory has been completely updated so as to accommodate all the changes made in JEE Syllabus & Pattern in recent years.
• The most important point about this new edition is, now the whole text matter of each chapter has been divided into small sessions with exercise in each session. In this way, the reader will be able to go through the whole chapter in a
systematic way.
• Just after completion of the theory, Solved Examples of all JEE types have been
given, providing the students a complete understanding of all the formats of
JEE questions & the level of difficulty of questions generally asked in JEE.
• Along with exercises given with each session, complete cumulative exercises have been given at the end of each chapter so as to give· the student’s complete practice for JEE along with the assessment of knowledge that they have gained with the study of the chapter.
• Last 10 Years questions asked in JEE Main &Adv, UT-JEE & AIEEE have been covered in all the chapters.


  • 1.Indefinite Integral
  • 2. Definite Integral
  • Area of Bounded Regions
  • Differential Eqns
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  1. Can you also provide other arihant books like ( trigonometry, differential calculus, coordinate geometry etc). Thank u for providing us a great books free of cost.

  2. Thank u for providing the free books.
    Please upload the “Arihant Trigonometry by Amit M Aggarwal”

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