Now download JEE MAIN Unit Wise Practice Tests for Physics

Some features of this Book

  • The complete syllabus is divided into logical units and there is a self-assessment test for each unit
  • Tests are prepared by subject experts who have decade experience
  • tests are as per the latest pattern
  • Detailed solution
1.Physics and Measurements2.Kinematics
3.Laws of Motion4.Work, energy, and power
5.Rotational Motion6.Gravitation
7.Properties of solids and liquids8.Thermodynamics
9.Kinetic theory10.Oscillations and waves
11.Electrostatics12.Current electricity
13.magnetic effect of current and magnetism14.EI and AI
15.Electromagnetic waves16.Optics
17.Dual nature of matter and radiation18.Atoms and nuclei
19. Electronic Devices20.Communications System
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