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Words from Author:

This book Formulae of Mathematics is being specially brought out of all hardworking sincere students aspiring for IIT-JEE, MCA, and other engineering avenues. It is aimed to provide apt unfailing support to the anxious confused students whose performance decides his and his guardian’s dream career.

Therefore, at the outset, I would like to dedicate my collection of definitions and formulae to the anxious aspirant outside the examination hall, whose mind is meandering in the sea of mathematical formulae needing a last-minute refreshing accurate and shortcut backup of all hard and sincere toil.

I have tried my best to give the students a very simple, short crystal clear list of intriguing
Calculus, confusing Trigonometry, vague Probability formulae. Also Two-Dimensional and
Three-Dimensional Geometry has been added along with many other important and relevant topics.

Though best efforts have been put in, any more suggestions for improvement are highly

Hoping that my effort will not go in vain and fulfill the aim.


1. Ratio and Proportion
2. Set Theory
3. Complex Numbers
4. Quadratic Equations
5. Determinants
6. Matrices
7. Sequence & Series
8. Inequalities
9. Permutation & Combination
10. Mathematical Induction
11. Binomial Theorem
12. Trigonometric Ratios, Identities & Equations
13. Inverse Trigonometric Function
14. Properties & Solution of Triangle, Height & Distance
15. Mensuration
16. Function
17. Limit
18. Continuity
19. Differentiation
20. Application of Derivatives
21. Indefinite Intergal
22. Definite Intergal
23. Differentail Equation
24. Straight Line
25. Pair of Straight Line
26. Circle
27. Conic Section
28. Parabola
29. Ellipse
30. Hyperbola
31. Vector
32. 3-Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
33. Parobability
34. Measures of Centreal Tendency & Dispersion
35. Correlation and Regression
36. Statics
37. Dynamics
38. Methematical Logic
39. Boolean Algebra
40. Linear Programming
41. Hyperbolic Function
42. Numerical Methods
43. Check your Intelligence
44. Important Graphs

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