As you are very definite in your question, I can help you out, if you care to follow what I say:

  1. Set your goal like here you have set your goal for marks- Set a goal for your daily studies too.
  2. Analyse your mistakes nothing gives you a better perspective of what you are lacking at, than your your own mistakes.
  3. Study from notes that touch upon most important concepts and other stuff from a chapter. You can try out notes of previous toppers of coaching institutes, avaliable in our website
  4. Little things Make road maps for Organic Chemistry, formula notebooks for Physics and Mathematics.
    • Road maps

5. Mocktests are a must. Go for as many of them as possible , because it keeps Time Management in check. DO NOT GET UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TEST

6. Everytime answers of these mock tests are tallied, again go back to point 1, and repeat.

7. Don’t lose on sleep- get 6–7 hours sleep at proper hours., eat properly at proper time.Keep working hard. Keep the fire burning

Hope this helps. Recommendation:

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  1. Convenience:
    Many candidates preparing for competitive exams are employed or are pursuing a course. These engagements make it difficult for them to be available on the date of the offline mock examination. But online mock tests saves the trouble of commuting to and from the exam center. The candidates can schedule their test and give it in their homes.
  2. Immediate result:
    In pen and paper tests, the candidate has to wait for days or weeks to get the result. In this time period candidate does not know what was answered correctly. This causes breakage in further preparation. Online Mock test gives an immediate result, hence enhancing effective learning.
  3. Immediate feedback and analysis:
    Just after attempting the quiz and getting the result, the student will be curious to know what is the right answer. In a traditional mock test, a candidate has to open a book and search, which consumes the valuable time of the candidate. Online mock test, along with giving instantaneous result also gives instant feedback. Hence the candidate can save time by just seeing the explanations
  4. Develops Confidence:
    As said traditional mock test does not assure early results. This breaks down the confidence level in a candidate which divert them from their goal. Whereas instant results and feedbacks accelerate students to their goal.
  5. Clear Idea of where you stand:
    In a traditional test, you may have performed well among others. But among how many? May be few of known. The online mock test tells candidate where they stand among others nationally or internationally. Also, it motivates candidate more towards their goal.
  6. Time management:
    Time is the most important factor when it comes to clearing competitive exams. Attempting questions in the given time is not an easy task,
    considering the number of questions asked in the exam and the total time available. Hence, solving the mock test helps!  The more mock test candidate practice, the more chance he/she has to complete the exam on time.
  7. Less time consuming:
    In pen and paper exams, filling bubble and student details in the application form takes up a lot of time. In the online mock tests, the student doesn’t have to waste time filling in small bubbles. Just click on the answer and you are done.


  1. i want to know about the scholarship at iits bcoz i searched and found total fee for all years is around 10 lakh so scholarship is imp , how much rank i have to get to have scholarship ?

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