Hello aspirants, if one wants to crack JEE exam then a proper Schedule/Routine is must
because the routine gives us a small goal to complete and finish our portion in small chunks
and it gives confidence too. So what’s the proper way to create a Routine?

First of all, no one can make a routine for you it’s only you and you who can do it for yourself
the reason behind is that ,that no one knows your sleep schedule, Eating duration, chill time, etc
Secondly, you do know yourselves better then anyone so make your own routine, although I will provide

some guidelines, rules and regulations to make a GOOD ROUTINE.

General Guidelines to make a GOOD ROUTINE:

  •   Keep in mind that you have to keep some BUFFER time everyday or once in 2 days of 1 to 1.5 hours, buffer time is that time in which you can complete your pending past tasks.
  •   Fix your timings for daily basis work like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sleep, walk, etc.
  •  While making a routine , always decide whether you are a NIGHT PERSON/ DAY PERSON, basically it means that you enjoy studying in DAY / NIGHT time.
  •  To Stay MOTIVATED & CONFIDENCE see some IIT/NIT or your dream college Vlogs but only while Eating or when chilling, it gives confidence indeed.
  •  Don’t keep a routine for 5 hours or 4 hours straight it would bore you up/ stresses out so keep 1 session of study at least 2 to 2.5 hours
  •  If your stressed then take a quick NAP of 10 to 15 minutes it would CHARGE you to STUDY like anything
  •  Try to keep your phone in another room to avoid distraction, only if you are not attending Online Classes

 Subject Guidelines to make a GOOD ROUTINE:

  • Generally keep Chemistry in your DAY time routine because that’s the time your brain is very active
  • Keep Maths and Physics at afternoon or evening , and at night (if you are a night person)
  •  Have a WRITING PRACTICE which will increase your grasping ability


Timings Subject 
10  am – 1PMInorganic Chemistry
11 am  – 11.30 amBreakfast+Shower
11.30 am – 1.30 pmOrganic Chemistry
1.30pm – 3 pmLunch + Chill
3pm – 5.30 pmPhysical Chemistry
5.30 pm- 6 pmWalk/Snacks
6pm- 8.30 pmPhysics
8.30pm-9 pmDinner
9 pm – 12 pmMaths
12 pm  –  1 amBUFFER


10.30 am  – 11 amBreakfast+Shower
11 am – 2.30 pmInorganic Chemistry
2.30pm – 3 pmLunch + Chill
3pm – 5.30 pmOrganic Chemistry
5.30 pm- 6 pmWalk/Snacks
6pm- 8.30 pmPhysical Chemistry
8.30pm-9 pmDinner
9 pm – 11.30 pmPhysics
11.30 pm – 11.45 pmRest/chill
11.45pm  –  2 amMaths
2am- 3amBUFFER

post by Kshitiz