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Whats New in this book:

  • Modules and Learning Objectives
  • Links between Homework Problems and Learning Objectives
  • Rewritten Chapters
  • New Sample Problems and Homework Questions and Problems
  • Video Illustrations
  • Learning Tools
  • Animations
  • Evaluation Materials


Volume 1Volume 2
1.Measurements21.Coulombs Law
2.Motion along a SL22.Electric Fields
3.Vectors23.Gauss Law
4.Motion in 2d and 3d24.Electric Potential
5.Force and motion125.Capacitance
6.Force and motion 226. Current and resistance
7.Kinetic Energy and Work27. Circuits
8. PE and Conservation of energy28. Magnetic Fields
9.COM and Linear Momentum29. MF due to current
10. Rotation30. Induction and inductance
11.Rolling,torque31. AC
12. Equilibrum and Elasticity32.Maxwells EQn
13. Gravitation33.Electromagnetic Waves
14. Fluids34. Images
15. Oscillations35. Interference
16. Waves 136. Difraction
17. Waves 237. Relativity
18. Temp,heat38. Photons and matter waves
19. Kinetic theory of gases39. Matter waves
20.Second law of Thermodynamics40. Atoms
41. Conduction of Electricity in solids42. Nuclear Physics
43. Energy from nucleus44. Quarks, Leptons and BigBang
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