Hello aspirants, JEE exams aren’t easy but not so tough that you can’t ace them. Generally, there are certain categories of students who give a thought for DROP year which is discussed further.

Types of students who plan for DROP

1st type of students is one who hasn’t studied for JEE but for Board or in some cases not even Board properly, so these types of students (no offense) but it’s true that the probability of such students are relatively lower because first of all, they haven’t completed the portion and secondly they don’t have a practice of question practice.

  • 2nd type of student who studied for 2 years, and when I state that studied for 2 years then it means that he has prepared for JEE in class 11 and 12. Now this type of students has relatively higher probability of qualifying.
  • 3rd type of students are those who has studied 2 years that is class 11 and 12 for Boards only and now planning for a drop year so these types of students, if they have  a strong or good concept in class 11 and 12 then they can definitely do good.

What to do if planned or What’s next?

  • Now for 1st type of students they should have Plan A as BSc in any subject and Plan B as Btech or other, don’t get demotivated and just do your work very very honest and don’t panic in life, it’s just an exam don’t take it very seriously.
  • Now for 2nd type of students they should just practice and practice from DPPs, sheets and most importantly MOCK TEST AND PYQs. Just be calm and don’t lose hope you will definitely succeed
  • Now for 3rd type of students they may join a proper coaching and just do what they tell and follow them blindly. Also


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Written and edited by – Kshitiz

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