Hello aspirants, often students get into trouble at the last moment that they haven’t completed their portion and sometimes the probability of that chapter’s question in the test is also very high. So why such kind of mishaps or situations generally occurs and what to should be done next? At such end moment situations you should just focus on such chapter whose weightage is pretty low but 1 or 2 question is sure, so these type of questions will definitely and has proved to increase your mark considerably. Let’s see that which chapters are more scoring and which chapters are low scoring.

Moderate Scoring (or Mega chapters):

There are some chapters that are pretty lengthy and have deep concepts and facts but has questions barely 1 or 2 at max so it’s not worthy if it takes so much time instead a chapter with very few concepts and facts which to guarantees a question or two is more valuable or justified to study, only at the end moment

Under this category some chapters are

  • Ray Optics
  • Magnetism and Matter
  • Waves-1 (the type which only deals with parameters calculating)

Most scoring (or Short chapters):

These kinds of chapters are like Guardian’s Angel which will help you score much in the JEE with very little effort. Moreover, it has fewer concepts and easy to grasp

Under this category some chapters are

  • Electromagnetic Waves (EMW)
  • Communication
  • Semiconductors
  • Unit Dimension and Measurements
  • Basic Maths (very rarely asked)
  • Magnetism and Matter

Now you would question that why mag & matter are in both, that’s so because JEE just asks regularly from 1 or 2 topics from that chapter, which is theoretical: knowledge of types of Magnets, Hysteresis Curve and very basic calculations of Magnetisms.

Most scoring (or Long chapters):

These kind of chapters are good if you have completed them already, but Remember don’t complete all last moments if not completed then always go for the 2nd category chapters which required less time and effort

Under this category some chapters are

  • Modern Physics
  • Electrostatic
  • Magnetism
  • Wave Optics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Waves & Oscillations


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Written and edited by – Kshitiz

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